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Women Are Being Attacked Each And Every Day Around The World. It's Time That...

Women Are Being Attacked Each And EveryDay Around The World. It's Time ThatWomen Stop The Violence TODAY!

Woman Deserve To Know How To Protect ThemSelf Or Those They Love, Against Those WhoWant To Hurt Them Or Their Loved Ones.

The statistics on violence against women are staggering ÔøΩ even overwhelming. Often, women are thought of as the weaker ***, unable to defend themselves effectively against a strong male attacker. It's this kind of thinking that hurt women.

The truth is that women CAN and SHOULD fight back when they are threatened. It takes a lot of courage to fight back, though, and many myths exist regarding women's self-defense training. These myths include:

You have to learn martial arts to defend yourself

There's no way you can over-power your attacker

Just give in and let them have what they want

If someone wants to get to you, they will no matter what you do

All you need to know to defend yourself is how to fight

All of these statements are, indeed, myths. There are many, many ways you can protect yourself from being compromised or assaulted. They don't necessarily involve martial arts, they don't require you to know how to fight, and they definitely don't require you to give in to your attacker.

You Don't Have To Be A Victim!

Self defense is about ending a violent attack against your person. Self defense is not about sparring and exchanging blows with another person. You see, the best self defense of all is to not put yourself in harm's way. The second best self defense technique is to run. If neither of these options are available, you MUST know how to defend yourself to save your life.

By ordering Self Defense for Women: Don't Be another Statistic today, you'll be able to learn about common sense self defense options you might have never thought about. Such options as:

Using perfume as a deterrent

How to make a car key a lethal weapon

What to scream other than Help!

Getting out of a car your attacker has cornered you in

Talking yourself through an attack - and talking your attacker out of it


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Self Defense #1 Self Defense #2



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