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Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
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Intel® Boxed DT CPU Decoder


See the latest Intel® processor features. Compare processors and more.

The Intel® Boxed Desktop CPU Decoder makes it easy to quickly identify detailed processor features. You can search and compare processors by brand or socket, identify key difference such as frequency, cache size, number of cores/threads, thermal design power and more.



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  • Whole Tomato Software Support Forum - NOT go to defination, I found if file header have 2-byte char such as chinese of coz, u don't add Chinese IME, so u cannot input Chinese£¬but such IME is not needed

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  • Forum, guildwars- WarSS1;OQojENVcKP+3S9QpNWUcLcFBAA] [WarSS2;OQojENVcKP+3S9QpNWUcLcFBAA] [WarSS3;OQojENVcKP+3S9QpNWUcLLXBAA] [WarCharge;OQojENVcKT+XaFsFXgFFSiuFCAA] [Smoke;OggjcxYc4MB7kjyh4uc+19yLGA]