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Amazon WishListãã

I will easily manage the release date of the thing wanting it.

It is a special calendar to buy it without forgetting the thing wanting it because the release date of the new item like CD, DVD, the TV game, and the book, etc. that will be put on the market in the future is managed collectively.

The commodity my wanting it not only be updated from the server in one update button automatically but also can be retrieved, and be registered easily at the release date of various commodities.

It corresponds to both the calendar display and the list display.

The calendar display that only game software etc. squeezed the genre only to DVD is free freedom.

It can be category division into freedom according to a yellow, red, green star function of three colors as for each commodity. If the thing wanting it, the thing that is scheduled to be bought, and the thing, etc. that have already been bought are classified and managed, the purchase check is easy.

Tweet can be done at the release date of the commodity about which it is anxious in the Twitter coordinated function.

Own Amazon associate ID is registrable. When the commodity registered for myself is done in Tweet, Tweet is possible by own Amazon associate ID.

- The following functions are installed. ï½¥The calendar is operated by touch and the flick. ï½¥Each commodity is registered from can the one-touch update of the latest release date from the server and the Amazon retrieval to easy. ï½¥The calendar display and the list display are installed. ï½¥Filter function according to commodity categoryï½¥Yellow, red, green three color star functionï½¥Easy retrieval from all commodities that have been registeredï½¥Twitter coordinated functionï½¥Amazon associate ID setting



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