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3D Tunnel Live Wallpaper


Creates an optical illusion live wallpaper featuring a downward flowing tunnel.

***************************** 3D Tunnel Live Wallpaper *****************************

Creates an optical illusion live wallpaper featuring a downward flowing tunnel to create a hypnotic & mesmerizing effect.

** Instructions **:: To Set Active ::Long Press > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers orMenu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers

NOTE: Speed Settings take place once you set the wallpaper and will not be visible in preview mode.

** Call to Action **If you like this live wallpaper please check out other live wallpapers and apps by Havok Apps.

** Contact Me **Please contact me with any requests, comments, bug reports or concerns. Please be advised that I cannot respond to comments left here and you should contact me through email.

** Related Keywords ** live, live wallpaper, wallpaper, hypnosis, hypnotize, illusion, swurling, animation, animated, swirling



3D Tunnel Live Wallpaper #1 3D Tunnel Live Wallpaper #2



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