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Share your poop with others, and compete worldwide!

This Application Requires Android 2.2 or newer!

When a person gives birth to something, there is nothing more magical. People show off pictures of their kids all the time and it's a wonderful thing!

There is something else that we give birth to every day of our lives, and while it may seem like it's lifeless, the truth of the matter is poop is full of life - it is full of bacteria that is alive.

A good quality poop is a sign of good health, and many times sharing a poop with others can bring joy and laughter!

There has never really been a way to share your poop creations - until now!

Introducing Satan's Punch Bowl by Dirty Bird Interactive.

This application allows you to view poop from other Android users all around the world! It lets you share your own poop creations with the rest of the world by simply snapping a picture on your Android phone!

When you launch the app, to go through a quick view, just flush the toilet, after hearing the water you'll be viewing a random poop from another Satan's Punch Bowl user!

See one that is incredible and want to rate it? Click the Second tab and rate the poops as they come floating across your screen.

Want to see the most popular poop? Look at the leaderboard which is updated in real time!

Want to send your own for others to view? Click the Third tab (the plus) and add your own to the mix.

Will your poop creation become the ultimate Satan's Punch Bowl filler? Others will vote, and if you are in the top 5, you'll be on the leaderboard!

Now before you complain, this application has a medical purpose - by looking at other poops you will be able to see how yours are in comparison, and can seek medical help if you think yours looks strange!

Good luck on your quest to create the ultimate Satan's Punch Bowl!



Satan's Punch Bowl #1 Satan's Punch Bowl #2 Satan's Punch Bowl #3



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