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Less Is More Theme for ADW - Architectural background with brushed metal, timber and glass *Comes with 6 other wallpapers. Check out the thrashed version! *More icons in iconpack**More icons available upon request! *If you like it please rate* PLEASE READ - TO INSTALL:Make sure you are running ADW.LAUNCHER, press Menu-ADWSettings-Themes Preferences and select ADWTheme Laughing_man - Glass. check theme icons TIPS: I will continue to update icons, in the meantime, hit menu while in the app draw and use groups to seperate themed icons from non-themed icons



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  • Miami R-1 Squad (retired bike riders club) [Archive] - Page, r1- [Archive] Page 193 Miami R-1 Squad (retired bike riders club) Miami by the BB courts, brought my knees up to my head and actually knocked myself out, my friends pulled me from