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  • No rugby this weekend | Korerorero, Whats a man to do. For the first time in quite a few weeks there is no games of Rugby to watch. I guess I'll have to watch the Warriors lose a close In one of the better come backs you will see, the warriors came back from

  • the blog, Also, that the Big Ten is the better conference, but the fact that the ACC gets six home One of the craziest comebacks of last season occurred in the '09 Challenge, giving the Big Ten its first title. Page 1 of 1 pages

  • 6 Comebacks for 6 Music Snobs | mtvU, Home " Music " The Music Blog " 6 Comebacks for 6 Music Snobs He's better than you because he's seen them in concert. In Montreal. Your objective then, is to devalue his concert experience. The Early Adopter. This chick knew about

  • Quarterbacks and fourth quarter comebacks, Part II " Pro, pro-football- Pro Football Reference Blog. Quarterbacks and fourth quarter comebacks, Part II. Posted by Doug on August 7, 2009 " Guest Post: Quarterbacks and fourth quarter comebacks, Part I. Trivia Blitz So are those 20 comebacks a better measure of him personally, or of his playing on a Super Bowl contender

  • William Shunn : Inhuman Swill : comebacks archives, But the argument itself was upsetting enough that Laura and I spent a while afterward trying to come up with some better responses to false accusations of failing to scoop poop. Search this blog: About comebacks. This page contains an archive of

  • Sports' 5 most remarkable comebacks (and Vick makes list, Michael Vick joins Muhammad Ali, Ted Williams, Mario Lemieux, and Ben Hogan as sports' greatest comebacks

  • Cinematical Seven: Comebacks That Didn't Take - The Moviefone, A good comeback is like a great third act in American lives; it's the triumphant return, the end of the story. James Cagney retired in 1961, then made a

  • Homeless signs, I know it is cruel, but when someone on the street says "Spare change? Seen better signs or have better comebacks? Posted By: gdanea | Date:

  • Latest, It's the Top 10 title race chokes and comebacks - Mirror Football Blog Mourinho's advice to United on how to beat Barca had better be Special - Derek McGovern's Bets of the Day - Betting Blog. Watch Paul the Psychic Octopus: The Movie! PLUS: Mourinho comedy song and celebration FAIL! - Football

  • | COMEBACKS's Blog, ww3 COMEBACKS's Blog. THE NATURE OF THE SOUL. The Bhagavad Gita is the primary holy book of wisdom for the Hindus.Here are some verses from It's second chapter which describe the nature of the eternal soul. when fallen souls have lifted themselves up to better things their bodies are once more annihilated

  • Firing Back on the Obama Recovery Package -- Again, digg_url = 'http:///political_opinion/Debunking_Attacks_Against_Obama_s_Recovery_Plan_Part_2' In some cases, it's because they've reworked their argument to come at it from another direction; in others, it's because on our end, working out new and better comebacks is an ongoing process

  • Gymnastics Russia, China impress day one | Universal Sports, Many of us anticipated Russian Aliya Mustafina would be the top gymnast in Rotterdam, but she has truly surpassed expectations. I expected at least some signs of inexperience and jitters on the first day of competition, but she was phenomenal

  • Political comebacks by the ethically challenged | CREW, BUILDING A BETTER WASHINGTON. GET UPDATES. Email Address. Zip Code. Mission. Scandals & Scoundrels. Press. Press Blog. BLOG. January 05, 2010. Political comebacks by the ethically challenged. By CREW Staff

  • Blogging tips: Reasons I'm Breaking Up with Your Blog, Blogging tips: Blogging is a relationship. Interact and connect with other bloggers. Also, you will find many posts on We Blog Better that concern publicizing your post and how to get the word across and thus, more readers

  • 6 Actor Comebacks Who Are Not Mickey Rourke | iNetVideo Buzz Blog, We loved them, they went away, we forgot about them, they came back, and now we think about them again. It's tough to discuss actor comebacks without names iNetVideo Buzz Blog

  • Is It Legal To Post Someone's RSS Feed To My Blog?, Are you hoping to fill your blog with quality content from someone's blog by using their RSS Feed? Are you worried about what happens if they find out, or are you sure that this is a great and easy way to fill your posts?

  • The 10 Most Devastating Insults of All Time | , The French call it For us, it must be enough simply to marvel at the comebacks of the better equipped, and possibly memorize them for later personal use. After all, you never know when you're going to have to take that *** Lady Astor down a peg

  • Top Ten: Tennis Comebacks | , Blog Top Ten: Tennis Comebacks. Top Ten: Tennis Comebacks. Mike Martin Andre Agassi is a complicated character, and his demons got the better of him when he sank to a low of 141 in the world in 1997

  • Fall Comebacks - Yahoo! TV Blog, Read about 'Fall Comebacks' on the Yahoo! TV blog. movie that starred Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, AND Jack Nicholson, this show had better be good

  • The greatest footballing comebacks that nearly were | Steve, Steve Busfield: Huddersfield Town almost overcame a 4-0 deficit against Carlisle United to reach the final of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. Almost being the key word


  • greatest or most unexpected electronic music comebacks EVA, Metropolis Records Forum -> OFF TOPIC forum Manhole for ninjas who enjoy tomfoolery -> greatest or most unexpected electronic music comebacks EVA! Just ones that managed to do better than a couple of album releases and tours to their credit

  • best comebacks [Archive] - eBaum's World Forum, [Archive] best comebacks Everything/Nothing than get back to me with a better comeback. thats all I got for now. Puma. 11-17-2010, 10:29 AM. go suck a fart ***. your mama wants you to go roll her titties back up. go suck on your mamas titty some more than get back to me with a better comeback

  • Forum:The similarities with major monster comebacks, &nbsp The similarities with major monster comebacks This forum The similarities with major monster comebacks has been archived please visit the Forum:Index to begin a new topic in the relevant forum. Please DO NOT add to this

  • Lady Gaga : for those who actually want a real lady gaga forum, dumbass, think of more comebacks other than dumbsass. u ooggly. you dont even know her or have seen her so get a life, she was born this way, get better comebacks will ya, its 3 on one so so get a life, she was born this way, get better comebacks will ya, its 3 on one so have fun being immature

  • Lighting Quotes - Lampies vs Ampies - ProLightingSpace, I got into a heated, but fun discussion with an audio guy today. Towards the end we tried to justify who is better, lights or sound with quick come backs. Suc

  • Best comebacks in awkward situations! : Ladies in Waiting, I just wanted to start a new, and more satisfying (hopefully) thread about dealing with other people''s pesky questions. Sometimes these people are well intentioned,

  • AT&T Forum (Phone Scoop), Info & Phones Forum. Back to message list. Top message: at&t 2q results by TheVZWMan Jul 22, 2004, 9:56 AM callin a "rookie" man you really need to learn how to come up with better come backs dude i mean "rookie" is that the best you can come up with man

  • Television comebacks - Forum - The Word Cloud, A warm and supportive writing community, which welcomes new writers. The site has plenty of pro authors to offer expertise and encouragement

  • Nexon Forums, Posted to Ruairi (Forum) by -KING- on June 11, 2009. Re: How Much Do u Love Goon? agianflame:Lol beastyd your answer for everything is doing someones mom, and them sucking your tiny youknowut you should probally come with better comebacks everytime i see you insulting someone thats all you say

  • Florida gothic - Old school comebacks, Florida Gothic is florida's premiere gothic forum - Old school comebacks industrial message board, ebm and darkwave forum

  • Contamination Comebacks - Window Tint Forum, I would like some of your better responses to customers who pick up along the line of comebacks that I already use, but with twists, nice one (IMG:http:///forum/style_emoticons/default/thumb.gif)

  • I'm Back :), Derf79 that are some great "Jealousy Comebacks"!!! I expected there would be more creative souls on this forum to help Antoinette out with some "kill Logged. What's better than one woman having really large implants? a forum full of them

  • New Posts For Thread: This Forum, This forum does seem pretty good.  There you are Spurs fans as if you needed any proof Snide of London as clever as a whipped cream frying pan and about as useful  [/quote]^^Somebody needs some better come backs loopy eh!? I almost feel embarrassed for you loopy, almost

  • Customer Discussions: Metal Comebacks anticipated, Customer Discussions > Metal forum. Metal Comebacks anticipated or your recent favorites Iron Maiden- Brave New World (So much better than the Blaze discs)

  • Recapturing success : In a panel discussion at the Kellogg, Recapturing success : In a panel discussion at the Kellogg School, business leaders reveal how their professional setbacks led to successful comebacks critiques and covers the business press and is an advocate for better business reporting. "The hardest part was coming to the realization that it

  • The Comebacks - Movie Ratings and Film Reviews, Write a movie review or provide comments about The Comebacks and read other people's opinion on the movie. Please help this movie feel better about itself and write a comment or review now

  • Male comebacks to female comebacks to male chat up lines, Male comebacks to female comebacks to male chat up lines in but then kissed it better. Logged. DJ OAAHIBAH. Veteran. Offline. Posts: 2,302. I'll stab you! View Profile

  • Best comebacks against the odds, Best comebacks against the odds Right thought id start this thread as im 32 and have seen plenty of fights though im sure people like Rob, Hitman, Red etc can probaly point out better comebacks than the first 2 im putting forward

  • Fascinating come backs - Forum - Free Shooter Game - Online, Forum FAQs! How to report! Epic win! Signature rules! User fixes! I'll have to start remembering my comebacks, as I've had several, but I can't remember

  • JohnnyTwoShoes — Good comebacks, Don't tick this on public or shared computers. Forum. Off-Topic. Good comebacks. 1. 2. 3. Last. 79. 0. 3047464 — 1 i have some better comebacks. OUT OF THE BLUE. I'm busy now. Can I ignore you some other time? if i had a doller for every brain