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Hold'em Poker ICM Study Tool


Improve your poker edge. Play better by using ICM theory and this study tool.

Summary:- Training tool to improve your Texas Holdâem poker tournament play.- Based on Independent Chip Model (ICM) theory.- Helps train your mind to make positive equity plays late game.- Quizzes you on push/fold decisions and shows you the results.- Configurable quiz parameters (e.g. number of questions, difficulty, number of players, question type).- Language: English- Package size (v1.0): ~1.0M

Details:This app is a training tool to help you make more money at Texas Holdâem poker tournaments. It uses Independent Chip Model (ICM) theory to train your mind to make the right push/fold decisions in the late stages of a tournament.

ICM is a method of calculating a playerâs tournament equity based on the stack sizes (and tournament payout). During the tournament bubble and end-game, ICM-calculated equity can be used as a mathematical way to decide if push or fold is the better play.

The calculations involved in ICM are too cumbersome for humans to perform in real-time. The best way for you to utilize ICM is to develop a âfeelâ for situations. By repeatedly playing the ICM quiz tool in this app, you will instinctively make better choices at the real table.

Play the quiz and ***yze the questions you get wrong. Rinse, repeat, and enjoy the increased edge over your opponents.



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