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Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
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Make your phone clap at the press of a button!

Make your phone clap at the press of a button. Awesome!



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  • What is a Fart's Blog - The carbon dioxide and methane gases, What is a Fart's Blog - The carbon dioxide and methane gases are actua - Read it at Press the remote button and set off one of 15 different fart sounds!

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  • Healthy Hip Chick " Blog Archive " Re-Gifting, But then, I was listening to aforementioned fart-box in my room, and–overhearing them–my Stepfather got curious, and little did I know that he too had the fart button to be pressed. So I must give the book to him, thereby re-gifting before even gifting. So it is with my blog this week

  • - Gag Gifts, Funny Toys, Stocking Stuffers, Pranks, Unique, unusual, goofy and just plain wacky gift ideas like this stuff, from - A complete waste of perfectly good technology

  • Fernando Colaço's " Blog Archive " The Fart Machine, Then you just have to press the button in the wireless fart remote, which can be used up to 100ft and trough button just once, but try to keep some delay between each fart, for

  • Welcome To The Old Fart's Blog: Apples n' Oranges, Disclaimer: Blog content is my own personal thoughts and do not represent the thoughs of "The Old Man and the Sea", I became "The Old Fart of the Theatre" to quote one Manager

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  • Songbird Blog " A Button For You, Blog. A Button For You. By jkoshi Jun 5, 2006 11:48 pm Permalink. Filed importance of relief, so I made something for you to fart on anything:

  • How to Stop Farting: Get Rid of Flatulence, Gases and Swollen, How to Stop Farting: Get Rid of Flatulence, Gases and Swollen Stomach - Sluta fisa, slipp svullen mage och gaser The user will thus never again need to fart since the body is constantly and continuously emptied of gases

  • Duck Fart | Karen's Musings & Endurance Ride Stuff, How to make a duck fart. I saw this on a t-shirt today -it was from Alaska. Had to share, some of you that read my blog will no doubt find the humor in it. Nothing brings a smile to my face quite as much as a good duck fart. are like horses, press the right button and they'll take you anywhere

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  • Appstore new free apps: Easy Fart - Fileminers, What else can you get from a fart application? How about some more funny sounds? What if High-quality 16-bit stereo sounds - 0.4X - 2.0X playing speed - Touch one big button to

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  • TuEFA : The (unofficial) Escapist Forum Awards, The mouthpiece of the gaming generation, The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture by way of in-depth features, thought provoking articles and relevant columns Grand Theft Auto 2 also had a fart button

  • Forum Question: Poor Drafting Practices, Forum Question: Poor Drafting Practices You have hit my HOT button. As an official old-fart, I began engineering work before CAD was even available

  • 's Bull Session :: Has anybody DARED?, Bull Session is a Cattle Forum for swapping information and asking and answering questions about breed, health problems, beginners questions and jokes about cattle and horses. But I don't go looking for "Fart Buttons" so may have missed it

  • Fart button?, page 1, I personally have never pushed the button but I have pulled a few fingers in my time. If there is no fart, then that is just false advertising, with no hot air!

  • The Game Creators - Forum - View Thread, There was a discussion on the Mod forum that prompted a "Press the Fart Button" ad. Remember arrays start at 0, so 0 = 1 button! Global CurrentAction: ` This holds the return value from

  • Has Anyone Pressed. - Wedding Forum, I wanted to but was worried if it made a horrible fart noise it may make me do something awful with having this tummy bug :pardon: pressing that fart button is so dissapointing. 0. Back to top of the

  • fart button / retain count question " cocos2d for iPhone, cocos2d- fart button / retain count question (7 posts) (4 voices) Started 8 months ago by cjl button = [CCSprite spriteWithFile: @"fart_button.png"]; [button

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  • SMF User Help: Personal Message, The main Delete button deletes all messages in your inbox (or outbox if open) The Outbox button toggles to your outbox, where it obviously becomes

  • The Fart Botton [Archive] - Nephilim Forums, nephilim- [Archive] The Fart Botton I Found It On The Web part where he actually clicked the button was kind of dumb, but the "it's too naughty" part made me LOL a LOT!

  • The Silent Fart, The Silent Fart You will need to register to see all the forum, click the register button above on the right to join. Protek Receivers will auto update the software and channel bouquets so no need to use a USB stick to keep

  • Old fart, Old fart from: Bison56 on December 12, 2007, 02:10:33 pm. When I saw the thread title,I thought someone was talking about me I just turned 51,I'm 6'4" and 195 lbs,and cute as a button too,I must add

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