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Make your phone sound like a bass guitar at the press of a button! For free!



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  • 2008 May | Mountain Bike Blog || , 2008May mountain bike blog post covering news and reviews around the mountain biking world. From , updated daily. Apparently if you ride at all 11 state parks with bike trails in Georgia you can earn a free t-shirt – a pretty cool program if you ask me

  • Biking Bis - Bicycle Touring and More :: Staying safe on, A blog reporting on bicycle tours and a wide variety of other bike issues, with particular focus on the Pacific Northwest, news on Lance Armstrong and other cycling personalities, updates on fitness and advocacy. Also find lists of state bicycle

  • car horn buttons, blackberry bike horn. laura bush satans horn. horn cad institute free horn ringtones. karen van horn. cape horn agway. cost of cape horn 17. bear lodge big

  • Car / Bike Camera Setup | AriefTheo's Blog, A good camera for cars and motorcycles. You should get your record button for the dogcam wired to your horn!!! It seems to go off anyways while you're recording!

  • Bicycle Head/Rear Light to Guard You at Night | Official, You don't need to worry your weight and the prices of oil, for you own your bicycle. And if you want to ride your bike at night safely, you need Bicycle Head Rear Lights surely, and you know that There are many differe

  • How to Create a Blog | Wisdom Comes Suddenly, I get the occasional question about how I made this blog and what goes in to running and maintaining it. Your first major decision is whether you want to pay

  • Blogs | Yamaha 1300 Tourer, 1300 I layed on the ole horn button to make sure I had their attention. The bike even feels a bit free-er too. I wasn't skeptical "Before Buck," just a bit

  • Make: Online | Car horns on bikes, DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from the workshops and minds of geeks, makers, and hackers @ the Make: Magazine blog I hate when that happens, I'm working right now on a horn for my bike, I was waiting to finish it for the summer

  • - The Guru's Blog for March 2009, The Guru's Blog. Join the E-Mail List. 3/31/09 The days are long, but the weeks fly by. I'm feeling February but it's the last day of March. I hope to complete my wood working project today so I can get back at this bike. wired the switch and solenoid to the horn button as per instructions

  • The Sietch Blog " How To Ride Your Bike To Work, I have been in love with bike riding for years now, from the flat open roads of Ohio, to of Austin, the winding roads of Cape Cod, and now the horn-honking traffic of Boston

  • The Feed openings: Mulberry Project, What Happens When, Van, Retire to the main dining room—featuring a wraparound button-tufted banquette, caged Edison lightbulbs and dozens of volumes of Bike licenses. posted at 7:25pm. Photo of the day. posted at 4:00pm. Read full blog. The Feed openings: Mulberry Project, What Happens When, Van Horn

  • ROADRACE MOTORCYCLES " Blog Archive " GSXR Clutch ByPass, the clutch is disengaged every time you push the start button. * Caution: This will also make the bike start when its in gear. to power a data acquisition setup and I also have a free momentary switch for something else.. like a horn that plays dixie. Or not. This setup either works or it

  • Britex Fabrics - Blog, Projects, fabrics, buttons, lace, ribbon & more Morag at the lovely New Zealand blog, VintagePurls posted this charming free PDF pattern for a 16" doll's sailor outfit from Stitchcraft magazine No. 94, circa 1940s

  • Marketing Your Blog, When it comes to marketing your MLM blog, what can you do? First, you'll need blog material. Next, use Facebook, retweet, and deep links

  • The iPhone goes green | CityRyde | Bike Sharing Experts, The extent to which software developers have been able to utilize the breadth of the iPhone's features – from its accelerometer and GPS chip to its Free Whitepaper. Downloading our free whitepaper gives you insight into the latest bike sharing information. Unsolicited Testimonials "I find the

  • Fun from Fred Segal :: 944, With no further costs, other than for the bike itself, the cost of ownership is extremely low. Enter your personal information to the left, or sign in with your Facebook account by clicking the button below

  • Utne Environment Blog, The latest news and debates in ecology, conservation, and sustainability. a laser horn. ( She pushes a button on the side of the futuristic top bar, emitting a sharp electric skronk.) That's what I call it. I laser people out when I'm biking by. I wanted a red bike today since it

  • Jim's Blog, I would really appreciate you letting me know what bike the order is for in the checkout comment section. Latest entry first: 2/10/10. Wow, it's already February of another year! Ok so I'm don't have time to update this blog very Since there's only one horn button on a bike, perhaps the answer is


  • 4 Forums, 4 Forum Code is ON. Smilies. Click to Insert [quote][i]Originally posted by TheCirque[/i] [br] horn: One wire goes to +12V, the other goes to the horn button. The horn button connects

  • LH Housing (left switch gear on handlebar), Problem TWO: The horn button on the KZ1000E1 left hand housing sits at the very bottom problem is compounded by the fact that the button provides a ground for the horn circuit

  • Horn broke watch for.?, Horn broke watch for. I really like the look of those double horns on the left side of my bike, definitely a classic look that I love. Problem is they don't work. when i push the horn button they make a strange buzzing sound like a bee on its last leg, fairly pitiful

  • Stebel Air horn install, Stebel Air horn install First let me say hi as this is my first post to this forum - Clyde was nice enough to bring me on board without the normal battery of psych tests. But that being said, I'm looking forward to meeting the group and getting to ride with everyone!

  • Wiring the Stiebel Air horn - FJRForum, I have a FZ-1 fuzeblock installed on my FJR and would like to use it to power my Stiebel air horn. Even though the FZ-1 has a relay built into it, am

  • Hi guys,whats this red button for ?, If it doesnt have a green (or black) button (horn) then its a Ducon and should have 4 possible to have the kill switch or the horn on the standard chrome button on the handle

  • 1981 XJ650 Starter or Horn Button (Xjowners), So I move the bike, cover the bike, go inside and have a beer and think to myself "This mine when I moved from Ontario to Alberta and the bike shifted a bit during the move

  • Streetfighters Forum - ASF - PCIII, Hub and Nitrous question, .au Why not just have the horn or pass button as the fire button ? Then it will come on in any gear you like and programming your Mine had a "flick switch" that turned the horn button. into the NOS button, But I also had a micro switch. on the carbs that

  • Hot or Ground wire to horn button?, Official message board for users and fans of the new Royal Enfield Bullet bikes parts and sidecars cafe racers and kits in the United States

  • Cycle Connections: New Horn Idea!, (3) This picture shows the bracket back from powder coating and installed on the bike. that when energized (by the horn button) completes a circuit to the

  • 18 wheeler horn - Automotive | DSLReports Forums, Forum discussion: I heard someone's car with an 18 wheeler horn mod. It was loud. I forgot to ask them information about it. I BTW Wayne, the button in the cab says horn (or ***) Real locomotives do not have a horn button they have a hand operated valve so the engineer can

  • Modern Vespa : Stebel horn hot wire directly to horn button hot?, On wiring up the Stebel horn, I was wondering if I couldn't just splice the Stebel horn's hot wire into the hot wire to the horn button on the handle bars and run a ground wire from the Stebel horn to the body? Would something so simple, like this work?

  • How To's... [Archive] - Yamaha R6 Forum: YZF-R6 Forums, r6- [Archive] Post you "how to's" hooking nitrous button into horn switch. steering bearings. help sprocket pinion. Opening Headlight. Unstock a R6 2002. BIKE WON"T START. Cleaning & Lubing Chain How Should I Clean Burnt-On Rubber Off Pipe?

  • UK Bike Forum (For bikers who don't take themselves too seriously...), But it is silly to compare it with a modern bike, because we're talking about nostalgia here! It was the 60's and there was free love. There was no sky tv or internet and people would have more time for other things. bike, just a switch for high and low headlight beam and a horn button