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Make your phone sound like an airhorn at the press of a button! For free!



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  • Bass Lessons: Achieve Success Practicing At Home | www, If you have an interest in learning to play bass guitar, you will find it to be a very rewarding instrument to play. The bass guitar player is an important member of the band. The quality of the group's playing depends largely on how well the

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  • Separating kick drum and bass guitar in a mix, Separating kick drum and bass guitar in a mix. The only reason i use the D112 on the bass as well is because it is designed to reinforce low end frequencies but you may be right in that the mic is creating the same frequency characteristics for both kick and bass guitar

  • Torque - : Guitar Discussion Forum and Lessons, Torque: T2001EB 200W bass combo The grille remains dent free despite numerous knocks and bashes, and the cabinet itself remains pristine, with only minor scuffing on the plastic corners. The grille does not rattle whatsoever, and the whole cabinet seems to be very sturdy. A

  • Vigier Arpege parts? - Guitar and bass forum - - Vigier, It's really hard to find any info on this guitar, the only place, I guess, is this forum and you Patrice, thank you very much! 2006: The Roger Glover signature bass and the Bumblefoot signature guitar are unveiled. New features also appear: a new strap button with secured endpin and heavier

  • TuxGuitar Forums: Muting tracks :: TuxGuitar, .ar TuxGuitar Official Web Site. TuxGuitar is an opensource multitrack tablature editor. You can read and write Guitar Pro files using TuxGuitar. mute button for each tracks ? So that we could only hear bass and drum with no guitar or only guitar and drum

  • Any Good Bass synthesizers out there!?Computers & Software, Any Good Bass synthesizers out there!?Computers & Software Forum - Home Recording Studio Help can record my guitar and drums onto it quite easily i then record it onto audacity. I was wondering if there are any GOOD bass synthesizers available to download for free? Take in mind that

  • Fretless Singlecut Bass, Fretless Singlecut Bass As for the edges, I leave 15mm all the way round for gluing although I leave a little extra on horns etc and where the strap button screws in

  • Guitar Hero: World Tour GHMix Guide - RockHero Forum, track can be played by the lead guitar, bass, or vocals. While anybody is free to create the most chaotic "wall of skittles", it is. recommended to have a sense of rhythm and purpose to each button that the. player will strum. Generally, you'll want lower-pitched

  • Eden Electronics Forum, eden- The problem is that at soundcheck the sound guys were telling me they got my bass guitar OK but when I push the button and The problem is that at soundcheck the sound guys were telling me they got my bass guitar OK but when I push the button and