Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
/home/burning/public_html/ Data Safe for Android 1.5


Data Safe 2.0Protect your details, photos, notes, videos, .pdf's and so on.

You can have very strong passwords up to 256bits.Can send via email (at moment only Gmail), your passwords and source files;Change your passwords, deleting and create new ones.

How to use, quick help.

Create one password from 8 up to 32 chars.Button From, takes you to browse through file system, where you can chooseone file that is allowed to read. If is one that ends in .CPT then you don't need to worry about where will be decrypted, because the path you haveused to create, will be used. Simple tap, change folders and choose file.

Button To, takes you to browse through file system, where you'll just choosethe path, not the file, to do it use long touch. Be aware that some foldersdon't allow write.

To send password to your Gmail, go to menu and Settings.In Setting you insert your email/password, and if you want receive your passwordmust click on button Send Password, apart from this you can opt for delete thesource once the convertions is made.

If you have SDCard and/or External_SD, you will be able to read and write on itwith this application.

I hope that you use it, and if have any doubt or feel that something need improve,send me one email .Leave one comment as well.



Data Safe for Android 1.5 #1 Data Safe for Android 1.5 #2



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